Green buildings are designed to minimize the overall effect of the built-up environment on human health and on the natural environment.

Green homes

Green homes

Larger House in fewer m2
Building with natural and renewable materials such as wood rewards you by allowing a larger house than what is referred on the permit.

According to the new national building code the foot print of exterior walls made from natural and renewable building materials is not calculated in the total surface of the building, which means fewer property taxes and the ability to built more m2 on your property.
Green and Energy efficient Homes Canadian homes®
Green buildings are designed to minimize the overall effect of the built-up environment on human health and on the natural environment. They take advantage of materials from natural and renewable resources and consequently are ecologically low impact on earth. The international ecological organization WWF refers to wood as being the number one ecological building material.

Basic materials suggested by nature and used by Canadian homes® for construction and insulation are the wood, the mineral wool and the Heraklith.

Their main characteristics are:


The natural material that inspires architects is the most ancient building material. There are examples of wooden structures throughout the world dating hundreds of years, like the five storey high pagodas in Japan aging over 1400 years. Wood is inherently a ‘green’ material, it is a renewable resource, it grows and is produced with minimal energy, it is non toxic and is recyclable and biodegradable. By contrast, metal and cement are derived from non renewable resources, the processing of which requires a great deal more water and creates four times more the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

The worldwide environmental organization WWF refers to the fact that wood is by far the most ecological building material.
The wood used by Canadian homes® comes from forests which are under sustainable management. In this way, wood falls into the category of a renewable resource and due to this management wood not only does not affect the environment negatively but actually increases the number of trees available for felling.

The appropriate evaluation of the properties of wood and the proper design of its use by Canadian homes® makes it one of the most suitable building materials because:

  • It has excellent strength properties despite it’s low weight.
  • It absorbs earthquake tremors as well as noise.
  • It is neither a good conductor of electricity, cold or heat.
  • It functions as a humidity equalizer, absorbing humidity when is high and releasing when is low.
  • It protects against radioactive radiation.
  • It filters air and enriches it with oxygen ions.
  • It does not create electromagnetic fields which are responsible for headaches and other disorders.



Heraklith boards consist of long wood fibers mixed with cement and have heat and sound insulation properties.

Mineral wool

Is produced from renewable resources, derived from the processing of minerals mixed with fibers and non toxic adhesives. It has excellent heat/cold/sound insulation as well as fire safety properties.